How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text – The Skills You Require to Flirt In The 21st Century

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Published: 23rd November 2010
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In case you haven't noticed it yet, we're in digital age now and guess what? The rule of building attraction and seducing girls have changed drastically. If you still don't know how to flirt with a girl over text, you better start learning about it now or you'll get left behind by your rivals. Below are 4 tips in texting game that you should always remember.

How To Get Started

You met a cool girl the other night and the girl gave you her numbers. Now it is time for you to make the opening move. You’re staring at your cell and you’re thumb is prepared to click away. So, what do you say?

Your initial message ought to be short, witty and playful. Most important of all, it shouldn’t need a reply. Don’t ask her a question, even something such as "How were you feeling the next day?" Needless to say, you’re texting her to start a long distance conversation that is going to end up bringing you two closer together. But it shouldn’t look like that. If you look needy, or like you want something in return, it will be a certain turn-off.

If she replies, you have your foot in the door. You can tell a lot by what she says. If it’s a one word message, she is cooling you and you need to give up on it. If she writes you back a real message, all is good. But don’t jump all over that and hit her with a super-long text after this. Play it cool, realizing that she’s willing to keep it going.

The Enchanting Power Of Inside Jokes

Where do you bring the conversation? It’s good to text about something you have in common, but there’s one topic that’s just absolutely golden – inside jokes. You met her somewhere and might have spent some time together before you got her number. In that period, there must be a joke that only the two of you know; that is how you "connect" to her privately. When you talks about the inside jokes, you already have something private with her only, even though it is not something special or anything huge. Nonetheless, this is a doorway to intimacy. This tip is good for any kind of flirting, whether it’s text or not.

Use Symbols And Emoticons

One of many special things text enables you to do is use symbols and emoticons. They are excellent and they help to make up for the nuances your tone of voice gives. Picture this – If a woman writes "Yeah, it was fun," you cannot actually tell. If she adds a tiny goofy smiley face, you get a much better idea that she means it.

But beware – overusing symbols and emoticons makes you seem like an idiot. It is cool to use things like :) or "u" instead of "you," but avoid overdoing it with "gr8", "1 of a kind" or too much "ur" instead of "you’re." It makes you look cheap. Additionally, don’t over use exclamation points; they will make you look either cheerful or insane: "I had a wonderful time yesterday!!cu next weekend!!"

Ensure that It Stays Fun And Creative

Keep your text messages fun and creative. You really don't want to be a tedious texter. Short messages are simply fine. The main thing is for them to make you stay ahead of other guys. Show her how amusing you can be, and always take an interest in what she’s engaging in.

One more thing you should keep in mind is that everything you say to each other is being recorded. Watch what you write in your flirty text and make sure it'll not cause you serious troubles in the future.

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