How to Become An Alpha Male

Published: 27th September 2010
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I'm sure you've met some guys that seem to be able to attract women almost without any effort. They get girls effortlessly and grab other guys target without dropping a sweat. Their presence alone can make a difference and women are "magically" drawn to them. Sounds familiar? Yes, they're the so called alpha male and no; they weren't born with that gift. They gained it through experiences. You may also learn how to become alpha male once you learn the principles.

If you want to discover how to become alpha male, this is the first rule: leave beta male characteristic that might have implanted in you since you were a boy. I’m talking about most of the guys way of thinking currently; they desire the most attractive woman they’ve seen but don't have the self-confidence to put themselves on the same level as her.

The "you’re so stunning with so many men after you and I’m below you" idea is the reason why beta male only get leftover girls. If you approaching a female and everything that you do (how you speak, your body language, and the way you treat her) indicate that concept, she will instantly looks at you as inferior guy and reject you. In cases like this, the best thing that you can get is become his closest ‘guy friend’. She will speak to you about all her issues but won’t permit you to go beyond that.

When all the attempts to attract her failed, many guys that don’t know how to become alpha male will resort to another common tactic: buying her approval with money. A bucket of flowers, high-class dinner, become her chauffeur and drive her everywhere, buy her jewelry, dresses, bags, and so on. These things tend to backfire on you; she’ll believe that you’re being manipulative and trying to buy or attract her with cash.

Don't forget this: DO NOT buy a woman something expensive except when she has done something to deserve it. Picture yourself as an alpha male where you don’t seek for her approval, but already possess an enjoyable life where it is her loss if she does not want to take part in it.

The 2nd rule on how to become alpha male is never let yourself fall to the "boring guy" category. Yes, perhaps you enjoy stock trading, but there is no point to discuss how the latest policy affects your stocks and things like that. Safe those for your guy friend or you’ll end up being one of the guys who is talking by himself while his girlfriend chatting with another man over her cell.

Having interest is good and actually, girls like a man who has "life" and enthusiasm for his work. Nevertheless, women need excitement in the conversation; discuss your passion but rule out all the logical explanation and involve her in the conversation by asking her thought on various issues.

While we are at this subject, let me remind you another way on how to become alpha male by keep her excited: NEVER ask for her permission to have physical contact. An alpha male would never say "can I kiss you" or anything like that. Doing something like that will kill the mood that you've been trying so hard to create.

By requesting her permission, you put her in a difficult situation; if she says "yes", she scared that she will be seen as a slut, so it is "safer" to say "no". What you should do is read her body language, identify it, and go for the kill when the time is right; that including kissing, touching, and sex.

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