How To Be a Real Man - 10 Traits of An Alpha Male

Published: 18th May 2011
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In the fierce world of dating, some men can easily catch the attention of any girl, while others are left lingering shyly in the shadows. These powerful men have alpha male characteristics, traits that distinguish them from the rest of the pack. Those who usually have these characteristics are the ones on top of the sports world, the business world and even the dating world. Here are their characteristics:

1.Limits his words

This is because among the alpha male characteristics, this one show just how an alpha male does not care about what anyone thinks.

2.Has his own reality.

He isnít surprised by whatís happening around him. He is calm, composed and never loses poise.

3.Takes his sweet time talking.

Guys with low self-esteem talk too fast because they are worried the listener would get bored and walk away. Alpha males talk slowly because they know people wonít go anywhere while theyíre talking.

4.Hold activities and conversations down.

The alpha male always gets to decide with regards to the flow of discussion. Similarly, in a conversation, people want to laugh but will only laugh if the alpha male finds the joke funny.

5.Is hard to please

Whenever you try to seek out the approval of the alpha male, heíll show you that heís bored by your act. He doesnít like when people make an effort to get his attention, because heís used to having peopleís eyes on him all the tim. For the alpha male, thatís all that matters.

6.Has limited contact with beta guys

His companions are exactly like him, nobody else.

7.Has sarcastic humor

They donít like making friends because theyíll only be friends with Alpha males like themselves. Whenever you try to get to know them, theyíll just disappoint you. They donít like giving you the satisfaction of thinking that they are interested in having a conversation with you.

8.Doesnít care.

He doesnít care about the little stuff that other people sweat about. If you break down and cry in front of him, he will look at you and step in the other direction. Alpha males care about themselves first and foremost, and that leaves very little room to care for others.

9.Gets recognition all the time.

Itís funny how an alpha male who does very little gets praised a lot. He isnít seeking any recognition, but people want to recognize him in order to win his affection. Just like being praised for attending an outreach program when all he did was take pictures of himself.

10. Is comfortable in his own skin.

Among all other alpha male characteristics, this has got to be the most obvious. Alpha males know they look good and donít bother spending time looking in the mirror. Their smile is awesome. Whatever they wear, they still look good. They take their shirts off whenever they want to.

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