How Do You Kiss A Girl - 4 Simple Steps to Do

Published: 19th August 2010
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How do you kiss a girl? Simply press your lips against hers; should you past that point already, you can try using your tongue, suck her tongue, etc. How do you sense when a girl is ready and expect to be kissed, and then create a perfect circumstance to do so? In that case, you will definitely need some certain ideas.

Needless to say, it is possible to kiss a girl after you build rapport and attraction. After that, note for these signs to determine your growth in the relationship:

1. She seems to enjoy her time with you; she laughs, keeps eye-to-eye contact, and both of you have wonderful conversation.

2. How do you kiss a girl if she does not feel comfortable with physical contact? If she allows you to take a seat or stand very close to her and she doesn’t mind touching you and being touched by you, you already produce excellent progress.

3. When you talk with her, she just can't steadily look at your eyes; instead, she keeps stealing glimpses at your lips. Generally, this sign can be translated that a simple kiss is not the only thing that she wants.

Once you detect all those signs, do not forget that you cannot be 100% sure that she'll accept you, but this is your perfect chance, so ACT. NOW. I mean, how do you kiss a girl if you won’t take action? Here are some points that you need to consider:

1. Don’t make a move in a room crowded with many people. A Girl thinks first kiss as something wonderful that needs to be shared only between both of you. So ensure that both of you in a private place when you’re going in for the kill.

2. Reach your palm to her hair while you talking, then lightly touch and stroke it. If she doesn’t mind and seems to enjoy it, incline to her and smell her neck while whispering a compliment. When you withdraw, peek her eyes and lips; you will see if she’s ready to be kissed.

3. Occasionally, girls got this "unexpected panic" whenever you attempt to kiss them (even if they desire it too) and turn her face when you are closing in for the kiss. How do you kiss a girl when she does that? What you should do is NEVER back away; instead, kiss her cheek, and then proceed to her neck. If you do this, she's going to turn around and kiss you back.

4. When you kiss her, use your hand and caress through her hair, keep going down to her neck and her back, quit at her waist, then gently slide your hand up and do it again. Some other good suggestions are holding her face tightly, pull her hair back from the back roots, or slightly squeeze her ribs.

You may not want to go too far in the first kiss, yet when you kiss her, you’ll know if she desires more (she may start using her tongue or bite your lips). If this happen, seize her waist or head and draw her closer to you; from there use your tongue, suck her lips (one-by-one), move your mouth to her throat and ear, etc.

So, how do you kiss a girl? You as the man must be able to read the sign, create the perfect situation, and guide her. When you have all of that and you have built sufficient attraction and rapport for her to want your lips on hers, you’ll get the kiss.

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