3 Steps to Captivate A Girl on Facebook

Published: 09th May 2011
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If you arenít much of a popular guy in person, maybe you can make someone fall in love with you on the Web. Facebook is great way to keep in touch with your old friends and acquaintances, but it is also a proven place to meet interesting people whom you can establish more than a friendship with. But the truth is, women can still feel weird when approached by a strange guy on the Internet, thinking that the latter is creepy. This is the case when the object of your desire is someone you donít know. She may be someone you saw from a Facebook application, game or on your friendsí lists of contacts. Without the right approach, they may think you are some weird person stalking them. But with the help of these three tips on how to talk to a girl on Facebook, you will be as smooth as you can:

1. Study how you are connected before attempting to get in touch.

The first thing that usually gets a guyís interest is a girlís profile picture. However, if he is not on her friendís list and her profile is restricted to only her contacts, then he wonít see anything beyond that. It is important to know how you and she is connected before you attempt to send her a friend request or a message. Did you see her from a game that you both play? Are you using the same Facebook application? Did you both like a page as fans? Do you have mutual friends? Any of these connections will be important when you proceed to the next step.

Go ahead and send her a casual message in her inbox. Speed it up by sending her a friend request too.

2. Study how she reacts and respect it.

You may get a short "Whoís this?" or a "Do I know you?" The first response, of course, is a little stiff and you may want to back off because she is not interested. However, the second one is warmer and you can use it as a springboard to reply to let her know how you are connected. Send her a message to tell her how you are linked and wait until she sends you a reply. Sometimes, you wonít get a reply, but she will add you on her list. When she does, you will finally have access to her entire profile. After you have checked out her info page and her photos, go to the next step and do this when she is online.

3. Initiate a chat.

A green dot beside her name will tell you that she is online and available to chat. Your first words should be calm and casual, nothing overboard or weird. You can use how you are connected. For instance, if you know her as a common fan of a celebrity, you can say, "I see you also like Chris Brown". If she is interested, she will reply back and you will have a great conversation. Just remember to keep it friendly and interesting, but not suggestive.

These are the three steps on how to talk to a girl on Facebook. Remember that whatever you do you want to appear as someone who is friendly, not a stalker-type kind of guy. Focus on your mutual interests and try to keep the chat fun for the both of you. Do not try and make the conversation sexual unless sheís aboard, and try to keep it light until you meet up in person.

You understand what to do, now see what you must not do so you'll not messing up your own chance at find a date on Facebook. Be sure to learn how to create an interesting profile at online dating for men.

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